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"ModeRoom produces some of the best book covers in the business today."
- Aaron Pogue, Magazine Publisher
One mustn't underestimate the value of a book's cover, for contrary to the sage's advice, it will be judged by this.
...The goal is to give the book browser an immediate impression of the author's style and an idea of what his/her book will be like. The goal is to serve the contents of the book through creating a cover and writing copy which reflects the importance and brilliance of the words inside.
...ModeRoom's award-winning design and copywriting team creates covers compelling both visually and through the written word, which do justice to the greatest literature. In addition to cover design for our own ModeRoom Press books, we also design for other publishers as well as for individuals. Please browse our portfolio of book covers below:
Make sure what you are selling is as beautiful on the outside as it is on the inside. For information about having our art-department design books for your company, contact us.
Gemini - Book Cover Design by ModeRoom
Modern colors and typeface were used represent this novel told Aaron Pogue's modern, fresh and pervasive language.

Cover photo taken on a narrow street on one of the islands in the Seine in the center of Paris. The mood of the cover compliments the themes of the book and the feelings the reader experiences while reading the story: the sense of mystery, desperation, romance, strange eeriness and timeless beauty fueling a story taking place in an eternally twilit urban setting.

Cover Art Print-Size Version
Back Cover Art - Print-Size Version
The Quiet Days of Henry Miller:
A biography on the American author who lived in Paris in the '20s and '30s. Written by Author and edited and soon to be published by ModeRoom Press. We wanted the cover to have a tranquil yet mysterious and thought-inspiring look. The photo was taken along the quais of the Seine in Paris.

Cover Art Print-Size Version
The Basement Trains (1st Paris Edition):
A limited edition print run of Roman Payne's poem "The Basement Trains" was released in Paris before the release of the international version. This cover design was printed on heavy stock to create a bilingual chapbook made in the St. Germain design style
reminiscent of books produced in the Paris Left Bank literary printing tradition.

Cover Art Print-Size Version
Back Cover Art - Print-Size Version
The Basement Trains (International Edition):
The "Paris Left-Bank" style of the limited 1st edition design was abandoned for this "International Edition" of Payne's celebrated French/English bilingual poem, "The Basement Trains." This edition has a more modern global appeal and is printed on glossy UV-coated stock.

Back Cover Art - Print-Size Version
The Old Century:
This was designed for a collection of prose and poetry ("The Early Stories and Poems of Roman Payne"). We wanted a photo of the author in an antique style on the cover, a photo taken during the period the pieces were written, as this was to be a
biographical and historic work composed in the last century.

Back Cover Art - Print-Size Version
Cities & Countries:
Immense epic novel needed a sweeping cover. We chose a snow scene in Turkey combined with some textured 19th century map paper to represent the timeless and monumental qualities of this adventure story by Roman Payne.

Back Cover Art - Print-Size Version
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